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When do you need Spa Plus?

Sales and Marketing Plan

You’ve got a great idea and you’re seriously thinking about opening a Spa Center… Great!Because practice is that thing making an idea so great, it is extremely important to have…

Creating the menu

Spa Menu is the most important sales instrument in a Spa Center! Creating a menu involves several ingredients to be considered for a healthy smooth business run. The Spa Menu need…

Recruitment and team training

You have an excellent location, you made great investments in the infrastructure, utilities, services and products and your dream became reality. What you need now is A TEAM TO SHINE…

Management Assistance

Once the project De îndată ce proiectul trece de la concept la construcție, Spa Plus este o alegere foarte înțeleaptă, prin contribuția valoroasă pe care o aduce fiecărui proiect…

Mystery Shopper

A Mystery Shopper is that Mysterious Customer who, after a visit to your “home”, reveals you in a very honestly way how your business looks through the eyes of a customer…

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