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Alina Nițu

Spa Business Consultant & Customer Care Trainer 

Every time you hear the name Alin Nitu you’ll have in your mind this two things: Business Spa and Customer Care Training: Business Spa și Customer Care Training 

Alina Nițu is in this industry with an experience of ten years and she drew her expertise through practical acknowledgement along with several great mentors who have made a great contribution to her professional growth.

Alina is an involved person, persevering and dedicated to the progress and development of the Spa Industry in Romania. She acquired the necessary knowledge to create and support training programs specific for the Hotels and Spa Industry: Customer Care and Etiquette, Spa Management Basic Course, Sales Course and Communication Skills Course.

Because there are several gasps in the Hospitality Industry Education, Alina created the Customer Care and Etiquette Course through her own experience. She made this both as a host and a client and even more as a mysterious client. It is a course she held already in more than 12 HoReCa and Spa Centers and even Dental Offices.

Alina plays a basic role in the Spa and Wellness business field: business plan, concept, training and recruitment, sales and marketing plan, business reorganization, operational research.

In her professional life she is guided by two simple principles:
1. For any problem there are at least two solutions.
2. Have the courage to do things in your own way and exclude comparisons because you are like no others and no other is like you. Then assume!






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